11 August 2006

Meredith Allen

I came across New York photographer Meredith Allen while searching for art for a clients new digs. Her photo series of melting ice pops are just so fresh and fun, I want one of each! The prints are 20x24 and can be purchased through Amy Simon Fine Art in CT.

18 July 2006

No. 2 from Knock Knock

Oh, how I love those cards from Knock Knock...always witty and fun. Now, the makers have come out with a new line of contemporary office and stationary products! I bought one of their notebooks back in the day before No. 2, and I've absolutely loved it. It comes with sections for Things to Do and things to remember, and has perforated sheets in a sturdy cover. Pretty colors too! Only $13.99. The line also has paperclips, small notebacks, disposable clipboards, pencils, and utility bands. No. 2 will definitely be giving Russel and Hazel a run for their money. Buy it all right here.

30 June 2006

Dining table help

Chad and I have been looking for a gateleg dining table we can fit in our tiny niche of a "dining room" without going over budget. So far, its not looking too good. Either the tables have been too big once opened, are too expensive, or look and probably are pretty cheap. Our favorite looks-wise has been the Lance Extension Table from Design Within Reach. It can double as a console table when not in dining mode, and its wenge finish and aluminum legs match our aesthetic perfectly. Unfortunately, the price tag is around $1200 and once opened, the table is HUGE.
Ikea has a few tables that I've liked but Chad has vetoed until further inspection. The Langed gateleg table is a lovely white table that when opened will seat 2-4 people. From the picture it looks like it even has a nice little shelf for storing placemats and whatnot. Of course, its not as sleek looking as the DWR table, but its definitely in the running at only $99.
This Muddus table unfortunately just looks too flimsy and cheap, and Chad would HATE the color even though I think its kind of cute. At $40, what do you expect? Also comes in white, red, and yellow.
I think this Lakafors table at $60 would be a winner if only it were a solid color. Once opened, I'm not crazy about the black stripe down the center. Its definitely a space saver, folding down to a mere 5 7/8 inches.

The Cosmopolitan Table from The Door Store was almost the hands down winner, until we found out it was no longer in production. The great thing about it is that it had a ton of storage inside the main component. Why is it still on their website? Probably to taunt us small space dwellers. Apparently its on sale for $1200, but you can't get it, so dont bother.

All other gateleg tables that could work are bar height, but thats out of the question because I refuse to eat on barstools. Its too hard to get on for shorties like me! So I ask, does anyone have any suggestions for cool gateleg tables?

Netto Collection for the rest of us

Am I hearing this right? We can finally get cool baby furniture for reasonable prices? And by David Netto no less? Its true people...the new line is called CUB by Netto Collection and its definitely going to be a hit. The crib starts at $499, the changing table at $550, with the cute locker/seat less than $400. The furniture comes either as all white or white/pine mix. I can only hope they bring out some walnut, because THAT would be worth the wait. (not that I'm pregnant or anything!!)

Back with a vengeance...sort of.

Wow, has it really been this long since I've posted? First I finished my thesis (yay me!), then I graduated with my Masters in Interior Design (double yay me!), and now have been working ever since for Ghislaine and Deborah Berke and Partners. The past few weeks have been spent finishing my portfolio and starting to rummage around for jobs. Slim pickings, I gotta say, for those of us starting out in the design world. All the want ads seem to need 5-10 years experience!! Outrageous!

Enough griping....back to posting.

04 May 2006

New from Lovelydesign!

Hurray! Sharilyn from Lovelydesign has now come out with my favorite address file in BLACK WALNUT, my new favorite wood species!! I might just have to treat myself and get one as a graduation gift. She's also come out with paper sample packs, filled with 50 grams of beautiful sheets of paper. Great for all you scrapbookers out there. The paper packs are $8 and the address files are $75. Grab them while you can.

UPDATE: I bought the walnut address file and a paper pack for myself as a graduation gift and they're even more fabulous than I imagined!

22 April 2006

CB2 - Finally!

Ahh, I think I can die happy now...I've finally visited CB2. Ever since working at Crate and Barrel and hearing about the new CB2, I knew I had to go, somehow. While in Chicago last summer for Neocon, I never had the chance, but that all changed this weekend, while checking out the opening of the new James Hotel (Chad's office, Deborah Berke and Partners, just finished it)(pics of that soon).

The store on W. North Ave was smaller than I thought, but chock full of great stuff. Here's a taste of what we bought.

Acacia wood trays...Chad loved them, I still dont know what we're doing with them. Right now they make a nice little stand for our salt and pepper canisters. The 3-part olive dish is my personal favorite. I always love serving olive assortments when people come over, so its perfect for that. I also discovered that it would look fabulous on a desk as a mini organizer of paper clips, rubber bands, any little nick-nacks you might have lying around. And finally, our new flatware set...sooo sleek and modern, and at a great price--20 piece set for $65!

I asked when a CB2 would be coming to the NY area, and it looks like it wont be for another 2-3 years, but LA seems to be getting one in the near future. The good news is that if you order any large items online, like any upholstered pieces, that you'll get them within a week and it would only be local shipping because the warehouse is in NY! Not too shabby.

24 March 2006

My new desk!

Not to gloat or anything, but I got the BEST deal on this desk from DWR. Not only was it down from $700 to $350, but since I bought the floor sample, I ended up getting the whole thing for practically $200!! Since I carted it home with Chad (my arms are STILL killing me), I've been looking for some colorful accessories to put on the top shelf. I've been thinking orange would look great, since my chair and storage unit around already that color, so I got the short Totem vase from Crate and Barrel (only $15!).
But then I saw these great resin candleholders from West Elm and thought, why not add some green in the mix? It is after all my favorite color. And West Elm has some resin accessories like trays and bowls in the most wonderful shade of kelly green. I'll have to stop by and pick some up for paperclips and such.


Since I'm obsessed with wallpaper and tired of all the usual stuff (sorry Cole and Sons), I thought I'd mention Cavern. The duo of Carly Margolis and Ophir Tanz have created some KILLER patterns featuring animals like horses, tigers, peacocks, and birds. My favorite is Blackbird, both in black and white AND the new version of black on kraft paper. Carly sent me a sample and I plan on framing it because its just too beautiful. Check out their website for better pictures and more info.

12 March 2006

A Plate Grows in Brooklyn

Thank you, Fishs Eddy, for finally giving Brooklyn its props. The 12x12 Brooklyn plate was designed by Pratt Institute student Jordan Awan, as part of a student design contest run by Fishs Eddy a while back. Its great as a serving plate, but has no matching dinner plates or cups like the "212" NYC designs they already sell. I asked the sales people if other options were coming out, and it doesn't seem like there will be, but who knows what will happen in the future. The first run of plates sold out quickly, but the Fishs Eddy is Brooklyn Heights has a ton, so go grab yours (only $28!)